Brett Durkee, General Manager Arizona Custom Cabinets, Inc. - Peoria Arizona

We are a custom production cabinet shop and have been in business for over 35 years, we have had injuries on our employees from time to time,  And recently have tested and purchased three items:  right hand pusher, anti kick back wheel, three bearing hold down. These three units I know will help... More

Canon City School District

After using your companies safety devices for a solid 7 weeks now, we have some feed back for you. The device that we like best (and use daily) is the circular saw system. We’re impressed with its durability. We have not witnessed any negative results as we supervise its use. The tool works as... More

Raul H Ramirez, Director,  Southwest School of Woodworking

All of the units I received are excellent but we are just going to comment on the ones we use every day. We have two identical Saw Stop saws - one is equipped with the right hand pusher and the anti kick back wheel.  The one set up with the Savem System gets most of the use.  The instructor and... More


There is no way that we can prevent all shop injuries. We can't prevent carelessness, or dumb moves. If you install and use our products like we recommend you will greatly reduce your changes of an injury.

On our videos we are running with the saw guard off to more clearly show how our products work. We are in no way suggesting you take your saw guard off.