Our Products

We call this the Save'Em System for a reason. We think fingers are valuable and we want to help you save yours! Our system allows you to make any kind of cut safely and easily.

When trying to make a tough cut people often take shortcuts they know they shouldn't. This is dangerous and not worth the risk. Our system allows you to make those cuts safely and precisely, every time. 

Purchasing the entire set will allow you to build things you could have only previously imagined!

The Save'Em System consists of the following products, which may be purchased together, or individually:

Right Hand Pusher for Table Saw


I have learned over the years it pays to buy quality. We use only aircraft grade aluminum and machine it on a CNC machine. They are built very precise and rugged, built to last a very long time. I personally guarantee if we have a product for sale it will work. Woodworking is such a great business or hobby. If that is what you like go for it, it can be so rewarding. Put things in perspective. Consider the money spent on different other things that people like to do or have, Motorcycles, boats, golf, pets makes your choice wood working look pretty reasonable.

To keep our prices down we sell only on the internet and you buy our American made products directly from our factory in Colorado. Our products have never had a boat ride.